What to watch out for in online activism ops

CommanderX Is A Wizard

“I am a law abiding citizen and can take no part in this Tom Foolery” – William Welna a.k.a. Sanguinarious

There is a lot of various organized protesting of issues online, often referred to as ops, that are started to get people arrested through intentionally being stupid or on behalf of government actors. A great example of this intentional stupidity is anything ever started or touched by Christopher Doyon, otherwise known as “Commander X”. Mr. Doyon, being indicted of using the most ineffective worthless DoS tool of the modern computing era ever since the invention and widespread usage of internet connections faster than dial-up, tried to take down PayPal via free WiFi offered by a StarBucks coffee shop. He has not learned and often encourages others to follow in his footsteps to be arrested on the same charges. He considers himself to be a political refuge for his courageous act of abusing free WiFi at a coffee shop to take down a online payment processor.

Anything calling for and supporting any illegal actions (claiming credit for, giving attention to, etc.), especially ones that are often all felonies, should always be avoided. Being linked to and involving yourself in such online activism brings in the watchful eye of the feds, who are always itching to arrest people on anything they can, as well as their informants that are always willing to snag an undesirable person on minor issues. It also gives way to possible conspiracy and accessory charges on you for the ill actions of others. Posting links and doing retweets can also end up as separate additional charges. Barrett Brown’s stupidity in linking Credit Card info of government contractors being a good example of things not to do.

The mistake that is all too common is thinking you can get away with some of these things without getting caught. You always assume your OPSEC is good enough, you’re good enough, they’ll never check that, and no one will find out, well, you’re wrong. Everyone always makes small mistakes leaking information. Only the few can keep up perfection in OPSEC with the added stress and have the knowledge to do so. Prosecution as well as superiority complexes always leads to dropping the soap on a bad day in prison. It is not a good time, unless you like that kind of thing.

“I came out of the tent and this thing goes right up on its fucking hind legs,” says Doyon, performing quite a credible impression of a roaring bear. “I got fucking piss running down my leg and shit. I just ran like hell.” – Christopher Doyon’s self-reflection on bears, camping, and why trying to cross the border into Canada as a fugitive isn’t fun.


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